About this Website

i.e. - the what, why's and how's of this website


The current purpose of this website is to keep my web development skillsets current. Every once in a long while I get the urge to blog, so that feature might show up periodically.



Everything on this site is lovingly hand-coded by me. I chose not to use turn-key Content Management Systems like WordPress or libraries like Bootstrap because the whole point is to keep my coding and design skills fresh.

  • The front-end of this site uses HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and responsive design principles.
  • PHP and MySQL drive the back-end backend, using a hybrid MVC design approach.
  • Graphics are created in Photoshop CC, color inspiration comes from Kuler, many icons are thanks to Iconfinder
  • Photos are all my own creations. For those interested, my current camera gear consists of a Pentax K-5, an Olumpus OM-D E-M1 and a bunch of lenses for each


Here is the short version:

  • Can I copy your images for my own PERSONAL use? YES
  • Can I use your images for my or someone else's own financial gain? NO
  • Can I share your images with other people? YES, so long as the above are respected.

Here is the slightly longer version.