Hey! This website looks like crap in my browser!!

You are probably using a really old browser that does not support current standards.

If you are using a browser older than Internet Explorer 7, you will, unfortuantely, get a diminished user experience. What this means is that you will see only the plain, sucky version of my website instead of the really cool looking version.

The reason I'm doing this is because writing code for IE6 or earler browsers is a royal pain in the ass. I can't even begin to tell you how many millions of hours web developers like myself have spent pulling our hair out to get stuff working properly in crappy old browsers; time we could have spent making cooler looking websites instead. So I've decided to join the ranks of other frustrated web developers who wish to rid the world of these old broken browsers by coaxing you into upgrading.

So I'm asking, please, PLEASE, upgrade to a newer, cooler, faster, more modern browser. It's really not that hard, I'll even provide some links for you below:


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